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Zirconium Coating

Veneer is one of the most preferred methods in dental aesthetics. In tooth deficiency, root canal treatment applications, in cases of material loss, a coating is applied on the teeth. Veneers are sometimes porcelain veneers or zirconium teeth; sometimes it is applied as a zirconium dental bridge or a porcelain dental bridge.

The reason why tooth coatings are one of the most preferred methods is to obtain the closest appearance to the natural state of the tooth and to match the shape and color with other teeth. Veneers that are not health-based and completely shaped at the request of the individual do not harm the structure of the tooth. On the contrary, it extends the life of the tooth structure and prevents it from being damaged in the short term.

zirkonyum kaplama

Today, zirconium crowns have replaced tooth coating with metal technique. The zirconium tooth coating method does not require the cutting process required by the metal method and minimizes it. In the zirconium coating method, unlike the metal coating method, a white infrastructure is used. The use of white infrastructure does not create the purple appearance that the metal material gives to the tooth over time and prepares the basis for a healthier appearance.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Coating?

• Zirconium coating provides a natural appearance thanks to its light transmittance.
• Metal, which is the material of the classical coating method, creates a matt appearance on the teeth. The zirconium coating prevents the matte appearance and provides a more vivid image.
• It prevents the formation of plaque due to its smooth and slippery structure.
• Color changes caused by substances such as coffee, cigarettes and tea are not seen in the zirconium coating method.

How is Zirconium Crown Applied?

• In the zirconium coating method, firstly the teeth are reduced as in the other method.
• When the gums gain a healthy appearance, a special measure is taken.
• In the laboratory, the most suitable zirconium infrastructure and porcelain structure is selected for the tooth color structure.
• Zirconium coatings are made compatible with the teeth with special adhesives.
• The veneer image obtained is no different from the normal tooth.

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