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Tooth Stone Cleaning

Our teeth are of great importance in our external appearance. It shapes all our social life, from our facial expressions to our communication. Oral and dental care must be done correctly in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of teeth from childhood to adulthood. Oral and dental care; It is performed by brushing the teeth correctly, cleaning the tongue, using oral care water and regular use of dental floss. Staining and decay may occur on the teeth due to external factors. In cases where such specialist intervention is required, dental cleaning should be performed in a center. Dental hygiene, which plays an important role in oral and dental health, should not be neglected.

Why Are Teeth Cleaned?

Foods consumed in daily life can damage tooth enamel. Smoking, caffeinated foods and foods that will damage tooth enamel can cause staining and decay in the tooth structure. Stains that cannot be removed by brushing the tooth may cause decay, tooth loss and discoloration after a while. In such cases, the teeth are professionally cleaned as a result of the dental examination performed at the center by the experts. Tartars and plaques are cleaned with various tools in dental cleaning procedures in centers.

Diş taşı temizleme işlemi

Tartar Cleaning Process

Although the tooth cleaning process is done properly, some minerals in foods and salivary glands can cause tartar formation. Due to the recurrence of tartar, the procedure should be done every few years. Tartar cleaning processes are started using ultrasonic devices. Thanks to the vibration of the devices, the tartar is cracked and large tartar is separated from the teeth. After this process, water is sprayed into the mouth and the spilled parts are rinsed and transferred out. As the next process, small-diameter dental stones are cleaned with fine tools. After this process is completed, teeth are cleaned with toothpaste containing fluoride and the cleaning is completed. The process usually takes around 10 minutes.

How is Tartar Removal Performed?

Teeth cleaning is first performed by a doctor's examination. After a detailed examination, tartar and plaques on the teeth are cleaned using various tools. The tools used in the tooth cleaning process prevent the tartar and plaques on the surface from damaging the tooth enamel without damaging the tooth's own structure.

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