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Teeth whitening

Our teeth give an aesthetic appearance in daily life. The appearance of our teeth draws attention when communicating, in moments of happiness and in all processes related to physical activity. There are some factors that cause our teeth to lose their aesthetic appearance in the pace of daily life. Teeth that are stained, lost their color and structure, and disproportionate teeth play a negative role in the point of individual's self-confidence in daily life. Especially when the teeth lose their old color and reach a yellow appearance, it directly affects the social life of the individual. There are some factors in the loss of color structure of teeth.

• Consumption of foods that will harm the structure of teeth,
• Failure to brush the teeth properly and regularly,
• Smoking and use of caffeinated food,
• Not going to regular check-ups,
• Some problems that occur in childhood while the tooth structure is forming,
• The mother's use of drugs such as antibiotics during pregnancy may cause discoloration in the individual's tooth structure.

At the same time, discolorations in teeth are divided into two:

Internal Stains: These are discolorations that occur in the internal structure of the tooth that cannot be removed by brushing as a result of problems that occur during childhood or infancy.

External Stains: These are the color changes in the external structure of the teeth that occur as a result of the consumption of coffee, tea, caffeinated foods and can be removed by brushing.

The color changes that occur in the teeth should be evaluated by the doctor and the most correct tooth whitening method should be decided by a specialist.

Diş Beyazlatma İşlemi

What Are Teeth Whitening Methods?

The teeth whitening technique applied for oral and dental health care of the individual is divided into two according to their methods.

1) Office Type Teeth Whitening (Power Bleaching)

Office type teeth whitening can be performed in an office environment and within an hour. It is often preferred because it is an effective and safe method. Power bleaching process, which consists of whitening gel and lights, can lighten the tooth tone up to 3-4 tons in a short time. This method creates an effective solution method in a short time for teeth to regain their whiteness.

2) Home Bleaching

Home-type teeth whitening process is performed with a personalized oral measurement. In this measurement axis, bleaching gels are placed in plastic mouthpieces. In about a week, the teeth get the desired whiteness. It should be worn between 4 and 8 hours a day, depending on the size determined specifically for the person.

How Long Is The Teeth Whitening Process Valid?

Successful results are generally obtained in teeth whitening. The extent of this success is made possible by the control of a specialist physician and the application of personalized treatments. It is known that the applied teeth whitening method maintains its whiteness for 3-4 years. However, smoking, caffeinated and acidic foods, foods that will damage tooth enamel and color can shorten the life of whiteness. Avoiding foods that will cause damage after tooth whitening and maintaining annual checks will result in a successful procedure.

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