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In the period when technology is developing rapidly and we keep up with the technology age, many new techniques are developing in the dental field. Due to the problems caused by missing, unhealthy and irregular teeth at the health level, many techniques are improved. With the effect of developing technology, "implants" take the place of methods such as bridges and prostheses, which are frequently used for missing teeth.

What is Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment; It is the process of placing screws made of titanium, developed for missing teeth, into the jawbone. Dental prostheses are placed on the implants placed in the jawbone. The reason why implant treatment is often preferred is that it acts as a root in the tooth and can easily continue the operations performed by a normal tooth. In addition, implants can be applied without cutting any teeth; is one of the primary reasons to be preferred.


How Is Implant Treatment Done?

• An examination and x-ray phase is required before implant treatment.
• Measures of jaw bones and existing teeth are taken.
• If the placement of implants is in one stage; implant is placed and temporary caps are attached.
• If it has two stages; After the implant is placed, it is covered with gums and the healing process is started.
• It is waited for the wearing of prosthetic caps.
• Temporary bridges are placed in the area.
• 3 for the lower jaw; There is a 6-month recovery period for the upper jaw.

Who Can Apply Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment can be applied to all individuals over the age of 18 and who have completed jaw development. Before the implant treatment is applied, a detailed x-ray stage is made to determine the suitability of the individual's mouth structure for the implant.

Why Is Implant Treatment Applied?

• In case of missing one or more teeth,
• If there are problems in wearing the denture,
• If there are no disturbances that would have a negative effect on bone healing,
If the number of bones to fix the implant is sufficient,
• To improve speaking,
• If the mouth tissue is healthy and suitable for the method, implant treatment can be easily applied.

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