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PROMED HAIR (Professional Medical Hair Straightening) is based on the experience of the best hair transplantation experience since its first day. within a short period of time to offer their guests with exceptional service it has managed to become the most hair transplant organization in Turkey.

We have proved that we are the best with 7300 grafts of hair transplant operation, the highest graft record in 2011, which was applied to a seansta. the services we provide in Turkey's best hospitals Promed Har starting to standards of practice we were able to have contacts with other institutions. We are grateful to our guests who have helped us to become a global institution in the Middle East, Europe and other continents.

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29 Mayıs, 2018

Can I make hair from my chest hair?

It is now possible to plant hair using chest hair. Men with baldness problems with modern techniques have the chance to make hairplants by taking advantage of the hair roots in the chest area. This hair transfer technique, which is especially suitable for men with a type of hair loss spreading over the entire surface of the scalp, can be accomplished using modern techniques such as FUE or DHI. WHY DO YOU HAVE A HAIR SUPPLEMENT FROM BURST CHILDREN? Hair transplantation specialists usually prefer to take hair from the area where they have plenty of hair. Acquired healthy hair follicles are then transferred to areas where the hair is tender or diminished. However, some men do not have enough hair in the 'donor' area. This means that it is impossible to plant hair from other parts of the scalp, or not to achieve the target. With the traditional techniques, it is not possible to plant hair from the chest hair, but modern techniques that allow the hair roots to be taken one by one and hair roots taken from the chest area can be used as hair follicles in the head region. On this page, a different solution can be offered for males who want to get rid of the problem of baldness and who do not have enough hair roots at heart.

29 Mayıs, 2018

Hair planting personally planned

Hair transplant surgery can give natural and excellent results only when done with the most appropriate technique. As long as you choose the most recent technique in your hair transplant surgery and the surgeon who uses it in the right way, you will last a lifetime and get completely natural results. You should learn about the latest hair techniques, how to apply the technique, what to do before and after, the advantages and disadvantages. You should take advantage of the experience of patients with experience in hair transplantation. In the special hair technique of the person, the calculation of the rare areas of the person in square meters is done. Then the density of hair grafts in donor area is calculated. Information is provided about the general health status of the person, for example whether or not they are allergies. Necessary blood tests are performed. FRONT HAIR LINE DESIGN IS VERY IMPORTANT Especially, the design of the hair in particular hair styling technique should be planned specifically for the person. All of these criteria play a very important role in the process of hair follicle in order to provide a natural appearance of the age, face structure, general hair density in the skin of the quince, the direction of hair exit, and the angle. The front hairline should form indentations and protrusions that will be compatible with the face of the person. The hair should not stretch over the forehead just like a corn tuft. And its density should go to a lot like natural hair. Nowadays, detailed hair analysis can be done with advanced techniques, hairless roots can be added directly without shaving techniques such as DHI. At this point, the density of the hair, the direction and angle of the exit of the hair can be adjusted in the most accurate way.

29 Mayıs, 2018

Do the attached hair look natural?

Will it be obvious that the hair is tingling? what should be considered for a more natural look? All these questions are We asked the specialists of PROMEDHAİR Transplant Center under the control of the current. "The natural appearance of the added hair results in the right planning and application of the hair implant process. Factors such as the natural direction of hair growth in hair transplantation, the frontal hairline and the density of the hair being implanted are very important for achieving more natural results. " DHI HAIR FACILITY TECHNIQUE MORE ADVANTAGE "In the process of hair transplantation, healthy hair roots taken from the back region of the hair are basically cultivated in the hairless area of the head skin. With today's widely preferred DHI technique, hair roots are taken one by one and transferred to the poured parts. The direction of the exit of the hair, the anterior hairline and the density of the hair are among the factors that affect the success of hair transplantation. Hair density is the number of hair roots per square meter in the head skin. "

29 Mayıs, 2018

Curiosities about hair plantation

SEA, BATH AND SAUNAYA CAN I GET TO BE? After hair transplantation, you may need to wait about 2 months to enter the solarium, the sea or the pool. During this time, the wound heals by 90-95 percent. However, you should use sunscreen, a hat or a cap to protect yourself from the sun. WHICH IS THE MOST PREFERRED HAIR SUPPLY TECHNIQUE? Today, DHI technique is preferred by surgeons. The DHI technique provides both faster recovery times and better results. There is no need to shave the hair with this technique. Up to 6,000 to 7,000 grafts can be planted. After the computerized hair analysis, hair transplantation technique is decided. After performing the hair transplantation procedure, it is possible to get the hair roots to cling with the treatment of PRP and to make the hair come out with better quality and faster. WHAT DO PRP SUPPORTED HAIR SUPPLY? PRP is a tissue nutrient and a restorative serum. Blood from a person is passed through a special process and turned into a serum. This serum can be applied to hairless areas that have diluted, thinned and lost their vitality with bald areas. With this serum treatment, repair and concentration of hair can be achieved.

31 Mayıs, 2018

What You Need to Know About Hair Transplantation

Here is the answer to everything that is curious about hair transplantation .. Those who have problems due to hair loss are applying for the path of hair plantation as the most permanent solution. We recommend that those who want to plant seeds should read this information carefully. Who is the Hair Planting? Anyone with hair loss, male pattern hair loss can be done. Male type hair loss is due to the male hormone in people with genetic disorders. Cells that produce the eggs die over time. Thus, the hair first weakens, then begins to grow and pour in the final phase. Hairline is the most definite and permanent treatment type for people who have this problem. Does Hair Growth Have Age? It determines the type of hair loss rather than the age criteria for hair plantation. If the hair is visible, it means that half of the hairline area is below the area where it should be seen. In this case, hair patch method should be applied.

31 Mayıs, 2018

What You Need to Know Before You Make Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the most effective, safe and lasting method against hair loss and baldness problems today. There is no longer a distinction between women or men, adults or children in the case of these problems. It is a question that can be encountered at every age and it is a question of whether it is possible to achieve success at the same level by applying everyone. In this sense, there are many factors that affect success after the operation. One of these is the person's baldness. On the other hand, the quality of the existing hair is also important for the hair quality. Of course, besides all these things, the surgeon and the team to practice should also be experts in their work.Indeed, if all the necessary details and conditions are in place, the person will also be eligible for hair transplantation. After a certain preliminary study, the process will continue with the appropriateness of the region to be treated and the hairs to settle. In general, hair transplantation can be applied to almost any patient suffering from male pattern hair loss. Men's hair loss here is genetically susceptible to the effects of the male hormone. Together with these, cells that produce hair around the hair follicle die over time with the effect of this hormone. Thus, the hair first rubs, then begins to stretch and eventually pour completely. In those cases, hair transplantation is the definitive and permanent treatment. At the same time, hair transplantation can be applied to people who have had a trauma of burning after a trauma or after trauma, after controlling whether there is blood circulation in that area. It is mainly the shape of the hair that is very poured into the hair for planting. When looking at the naked eye, if the skin becomes visible, it means that the density of hair in that area has fallen below about 50 percent of normal density. In this case, the most effective treatment to be applied to the patient may be hair transplantation. In short, there is no specific age limit for hair planting. The most important factor that determines age in this kind of sowing process is that hair loss is not over. On the other hand, men's hair loss is a lifelong affair, and the pace of decline slows down after age 40. For this reason, it is important to know that hair loss may continue when sowing is done in patients under these ages, and that the patient may then need 2 nd or 3 rd sessions.