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Promed Hair Clinic

Promed Clinic is a successful company that has managed to make its mark in the sector with its activities in the field of health tourism since 2011. Our organization, which determines to increase the quality of life of people as its mission, has shown how determined it is to fulfill its mission with its studies on this purpose. As Promed Clinic, we send off everyone who chooses us with the same satisfaction by showing special care and attention to each of our guests. With our expert staff and our understanding of friendly service, we have a very successful service understanding in allocating the comfort that will make them feel at home from the first moment we start to host our guests.

We have achieved an international quality and recognition by hosting our guests from the Middle East, Europe and all other continents in the best way possible.

Accessibility Florya / Istanbul
Intercontinental Professional Approach
For Everyone Quality service
Technology Every step of the way